227 - 236
Is the ‘canine surrogacy approach’ (CSA) still valid for dogs and humans in market-oriented and subsistence-oriented communities in Brazil?

Adibe Luiz Abdalla Filho, Gabriela Bielefeld Nardoto, Leonardo de Aro Galera, Janaina Leite de Souza, Luiza Santos Reis, Yeleine Almoza Hernandez, Rebeca Sales, Daniel Guimarães Gerardi & Luiz Antonio Martinelli
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 55 Issue 3 - May 2019 - Contents
237 - 253
Spatial variability of 2H and 18O composition of meteoric freshwater lakes in Scotland

Jurian Hoogewerff, Helen F. Kemp, Melanie J. Leng & Wolfram Meier-Augenstein
254 - 271
Delineating sources of groundwater recharge and carbon in Holocene aquifers of the central Gangetic basin using stable isotopic signatures

Manoj Kumar, AL. Ramanathan, Abhijit Mukherjee, Ravi Sawlani & Shyam Ranjan
272 - 289
Identifying the mean residence time of soil water for different vegetation types in a water source area of the Yuanyang Terrace, southwestern China

Jing Ma, Weifeng Song, Jinkui Wu, Zongbin Liu & Zheng Wei
290 - 307
High-precision measurements of δ2H, δ18O and δ17O in water with the aid of cavity ring-down laser spectroscopy

Anna Pierchala, Kazimierz Rozanski, Marek Dulinski, Zbigniew Gorczyca, Michal Marzec & Robert Czub
308 - 316
210Po in popular medicinal herbs from Poland

Alicja Boryło, Grzegorz Romańczyk, Marcin Kaczor & Bogdan Skwarzec
317 - 324
Radiocaesium pollution of fly agaric Amanita muscaria in fruiting bodies decreases with developmental stage

Jerzy Falandysz, Michał Saniewski, Tamara Zalewska & Ji Zhang
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