205 - 219
Isotope and chemical assessment of natural water in the Jaffna Peninsula in northern Sri Lanka for groundwater development aspects

E.A.N.V. Edirisinghe , G.R.R. Karunarathne , I.A.N.D.P. Tilakarathna , J.D.C. Gunasekara & K.S.G.S. Priyadarshanee
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 56 Issue 3 - June 2020 - Contents
220 - 237
Atmospheric factors controlling stable isotope variations in modern precipitation of the tropical region of Bangladesh

Nasir Ahmed , Naoyuki Kurita , Md. Abdul Mannan Chowdhury , Jing Gao , S. M. Quamrul Hassan , Md. Abdul Mannan , Md. Abul Kalam Mallik , Sayeed Ahmed Choudhury , Md. Abdul Quaiyum Bhuiyan & Md. Masud Karim
238 - 259
Combined use of stable isotopes and hydrochemical characteristics to determine streamflow sources in the Jonkershoek catchment, South Africa

Retang A. Mokua , Julia Glenday , Jacobus Nel & Mike Butler
260 - 279
Preliminary multi analytical approach to address geographic traceability at the intraspecific level in Scombridae family

Federico Rampazzo , Federica Tosi , Paola Tedeschi , Claudia Gion , Giuseppe Arcangeli , Vincenzo Brandolini , Otello Giovanardi , Annalisa Maietti & Daniela Berto
280 - 296
Use of 13C and 15N for the determination of the metal flux in the Caspian Sea fishes

Alireza Mirzajani , Amir Hossein Hamidian & Nima Pourang
297 - 313
Isolation of selenate from selenite, carbonate, phosphate, and arsenate solutions for δ18O-selenate determination

Lichao Xia , Alexandra E. P. Schellenger , Annalisa Onnis-Hayden , Deb Jaisi & Philip Larese-Casanova
314 - 323
In vitro application of carbonic anhydrase to accelerate the equilibration of 18O between H2O and CO2 for the rapid measurement of 18O/16O isotope ratios in aqueous samples

Peter Junghans , Gerhard Strauch & Jürgen Voigt
324 - 333
Artificial (137Cs) and natural (40K) radioactivity and total potassium in medicinal fungi from Yunnan in China

Jerzy Falandysz , Ji Zhang , Michał Saniewski & Yuanzhong Wang
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