387 - 390
Environmental isotope applications in Latin America and the Caribbean region

David X. Soto , Ricardo Sánchez-Murillo , Lucía Ortega , Orlando Mauricio Quiroz Londoño , Luis J. Araguás-Araguás & Veridiana Martins
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 56 Issue 5+6 - November 2020 - Contents
391 - 401
The first IAEA inter-laboratory comparison exercise in Latin America and the Caribbean for stable isotope analyses of water samples

Stefan Terzer-Wassmuth , Lucía Ortega , Luis Araguás-Araguás & Leonard I. Wassenaar
402 - 417
Application of isotope techniques to enhance the conceptual hydrogeological model and to assess groundwater sustainability in the Pampean plain in Córdoba, Argentina

Mónica Blarasin , Adriana Cabrera , Ioannis Matiatos , Verónica Lutri , Luciana Maldonado , Daniela Giacobone , Edel Matteoda , Fátima Becher Quinodoz , Jésica Giuliano Albo , Carlos Eric & Juan Felizzia
418 - 430
Isotopic characterisation and dating of groundwater recharge mechanisms in crystalline fractured aquifers: example of the semi-arid Banabuiú watershed (Brazil)

Marjorie Kreis, Jean-Denis Taupin, Nicolas Patris & Eduardo S.P.R. Martins
431 - 445
Identifying groundwater end members by spatio-temporal isotopic and hydrogeochemical records

Juan Pérez-Quezadas, Alejandra Cortés-Silva, Eric Morales-Casique, Oscar Arnoldo Escolero-Fuentes & Priscila Medina-Ortega
446 - 464
Application of hydrogeochemistry and isotopic characterization for the assessment of recharge in a volcanic aquifer in the eastern region of central Costa Rica

Helga Madrigal-Solís, Pablo Jiménez-Gavilán, Iñaki Vadillo-Pérez, Alicia Fonseca-Sánchez, Luis Quesada-Hernández, Rolando Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Hazel Calderón-Sánchez & Carlos Pardo-Vargas
465 - 479
Water exchange processes estimation in a temperate shallow lake based on water stable isotope Analysis

Orlando Mauricio Quiroz Londoño, Asunción Romanelli, Daniel Emilio Martínez & Héctor Enrique Massone
480 - 494
Isotopic composition and hydrogeochemistry of a periglacial Andean catchment and its relevance in the knowledge of water resources in mountainous Areas

Noelia R. Sileo, Cristina Dapeña & Dario Trombotto Liaudat
495 - 512
Geochemical evolution, residence times and recharge conditions of the multilayered Tubarão aquifer system (State of São Paulo – Brazil) as indicated by hydrochemical, stable isotope and 14C data

Sibele Ezaki, Didier Gastmans, Mara Akie Iritani, Vinícius dos Santos & Márcia Regina Stradioto
513 - 532
Multi-isotope (δ 2H, δ 18O, δ 13C-TDIC, δ 18O-TDIC, 87Sr/86Sr) and hydrochemical study on fractured-karstic and detritic shallow aquifers in the Pampean region, Argentina

Melisa Glok-Galli, Daniel E. Martínez, Iñaki Vadillo-Pérez, Adrián A. Silva Busso, Silvia P. Barredo, Orlando M. Quiroz Londoño & Mónica A. Trezza
551 - 565
Atmospheric constraints on δ18O and d-excess in precipitation at the middle latitude in the southwestern Atlantic Region

Daniel E. Martínez, Reinaldo Maenza & Orlando Mauricio Quiroz Londoño
533 - 550
Using isotope data to characterize and date groundwater in the southern sector of the Guaraní Aquifer System

Luis Vives, Leticia Rodríguez, Marisol Manzano, Andrés Mira, Luis Araguás-Araguás, Lucía Ortega, Javier Heredia & Takuya Matsumoto
566 - 585
First snow, glacier and groundwater contribution quantification in the upper Mendoza River basin using stable water isotopes

Sebastián A. Crespo, Francisco Fernandoy, Leandro Cara, Sebastián Klarian & Céline Lavergne
586 - 605
Isotopic insights on continental water sources and transport in the mountains and plains of Southern South America

María Poca, Marcelo D. Nosetto, Silvina Ballesteros, George Castellanos & Esteban G. Jobbágy
606 - 623
From mountains to cities: a novel isotope hydrological assessment of a tropical water distribution system

Ricardo Sánchez-Murillo, Germain Esquivel-Hernández, Christian Birkel, Lucia Ortega, Michael Sánchez-Guerrero, Luis Daniel Rojas-Jiménez, José Vargas-Víquez & Laura Castro-Chacón
624 - 643
Isotope composition of carbon dioxide and methane in a tropical urban atmosphere

Kevin Carballo-Chaves, Mario Villalobos-Forbes, Germain Esquivel-Hernández & Ricardo Sánchez-Murillo
644 - 653
Assessment of runoff using 7Be in vineyards in the central valley of Chile

Ximena Videla, Daniel Villegas, Ana María Parada & Adriana Nario
654 - 672
Carbon and nitrogen isotopes to distinguish sources of sedimentary organic matter in a Caribbean estuary

Carlos Manuel Alonso-Hernández, Emanuela Fanelli, Misael Diaz-Asencio, Jesús Miguel Santamaría & Yasser Morera-Gómez
673 - 683
Use of environmental isotopes to assess groundwater pollution caused by agricultural activities

José Arumi, Manuel Escudero, Evelyn Aguirre, Juan Carlos Salgado & Ramon Aravena
684 - 699
Water isotopes and chemical tools for understanding pesticide transfer in a watershed of the volcanic island of Martinique (French West Indies)

Laurence Gourcy, Nicole Baran & Luc Arnaud
Review Article
684 - 699
Strengths and challenges of δ15N to identify anthropogenic nutrient loading in coastal Systems

Jimena Samper-Villarreal
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