1 - 13
Dual isotopic (δ15N-δ18O) characterization of saltpetre currently prevailing in Lao PDR and its global compilation: new insight into isotope fractionation during production processes

Chitoshi Mizota, Phanthasin Khanthavong, Azusa Okumura & Takahiro Hosono
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 56 Issue 1 - February 2020 - Contents
14 - 35
Nitrate sources and the effect of land cover on the isotopic composition of nitrate in the catchment of the Rhône River

Alexander Bratek, Kay-Christian Emeis, Tina Sanders, Scott D. Wankel, Ulrich Struck, Jürgen Möbius & Kirstin Dähnke
36 - 50
Assessing the ecophysiological response of a mountain grassland community to ski slope management through isotopic composition

Sara Casagrande Bacchiocchi, Francesca Scandellari, Camilla Wellstein, Lohengrin A. Cavieres & Stefan Zerbe
51 - 68
The effect of extraction techniques on calcium concentrations and isotope ratios of marine pore water

Andreas Wittke, Nikolaus Gussone, Christian März & Barbara M. A. Teichert
69 - 82
Isotopic and elemental profiling alongside with chemometric methods for vegetable differentiation

Gabriela Cristea, Ioana Feher, Cezara Voica, Stelian Radu & Dana Alina Magdas
83 - 92
A long-term study of radionuclide concentrations in mushrooms in the 30-km zone around the Mining-and-Chemical Combine (Russia)

Dmitry Dementyev & Alexander Bolsunovsky
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