Review article
335 - 345
Natural variations in stable boron isotopes (δ 11B) as tracers in terrestrial ecosystems

Phillip M. Chalk
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 56 Issue 4 - September 2020 - Contents
346 - 357
Identifying the composition of commercial Brazilian cat food with stable isotopes of carbon and Nitrogen

Janaina L. Souza , Moacir T. Moraes , Leonardo A. Galera , Adibe L. Abdalla Filho , Ana B. Navarro , Alci Albiero Junior , Yuniel T. Mazola , Dasiel O. Alvarez , Plínio B. Camargo & Luiz A. Martinelli
358 - 369
Splitting hairs: dietary niche breadth modelling using stable isotope analysis of a sequentially grown tissue

Matthew C. Rogers , Grant V. Hilderbrand , David D. Gustine , Kyle Joly , William B. Leacock , Buck A. Mangipane & Jeffrey M. Welker
370 - 386
Origin of groundwater in Hanoi, Vietnam, revealed by environmental isotopes

Hung Vu , Broder J. Merkel & Stephan M. Weise
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