Brief Report
113 - 120
Stable hydrogen and oxygen isotope abundance of major bottled water brands sold in the United Kingdom

Vasile Ersek, Jamie Sharples & William Thomas
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 58 Issue 2 - Contents
141 - 158
New method for simultaneous determination of dissolved organic carbon and its stable carbon isotope ratio in liquid samples: environmental applications

Federico Rampazzo, Malgorzata M. Formalewicz, Umberto Traldi, Seta Noventa, Claudia Gion, Maria De Castro, Christopher Brodie, Francesca Tiozzo, Nicoletta Calace & Daniela Berto
121 - 140
Characteristics of Picea neoveitchii tree growth in mountain areas of central China: insights from isotopic compositions and satellite-derived Indices

Maochang Liang, Fujun Gong, Tao Jin, Bing Sun, Yujie Yang, Die Hu & Yongjun Fei
159 - 179
Depth profiles of soil organic carbon isotopes across a lithosequence: implications for drivers of soil δ13C vertical changes

Mohammad Tahsin Karimi Nezhad, Sander Bruun & Jakob Magid
180 - 194
Addressing the unfulfilled codex standard for honey for stingless bee honey through lyophilization

Chin-Hong Yong, Syahidah Akmal Muhammad, Widad Fadhullah, Hasnuri Mat Hassan, Ainolsyakira Mohd Rodhi, Mohd Zulkifli Mustafa & Simon D. Kelly
195 - 213
Decentralised ventilation efficiency for indoor radon reduction considering different environmental Parameters

Diana Altendorf, Hannes Grünewald, Tze-Li Liu, Jörg Dehnert, Ralf Trabitzsch & Holger Weiß
214 - 227
Measurement of age-dependent radiation ingestion doses due to gross alpha and gross beta exposure from medicinal plants

Muhammad Rafique, Chand Shahzadi, Abdul Jabbar, Mumtaz Khan, Saeed Ur Rahman, Syed Shujahat Hussain Bukhari, Shahab Ahmed Abbasi & Nasar Ahmed
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