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Lost papers (3)  (Free access at T&F Website)

Gerhard Strauch & Peter Krumbiegel
402 - 406
Lost papers
Hydrology of the lakes in Central Wohlthat Massif, East Antarctica: new results

Dietmar Haendel, Wolf-Dieter Hermichen, Reiner Höfling & Peter Kowski
Stable isotope and hydrogeochemical studies of Beaver Lake and Radok Lake, MacRobertson Land, East Antarctica

Ulrich Wand, Wolf-Dieter Hermichen, Erika Brüggemann, Reinhard Zierath &Valerii Dmitrievich Klokov
415 - 437
407 - 414
Original Articles
Natural radioactivity in groundwater - a review

Nguyen Dinh Chau, Marek Dulinski, Pawel Jodlowski, Jakub Nowak, Kazimierz Rozanski, Monika Sleziak & Przemyslaw Wachniew
Measurements of radon concentration in drinking water samples from Kastamonu (Turkey)

Sezai Yalcin, Orhan Gurler, Urkiye Tarim Akar, Fulya Incirci, Gokay Kaynak & Ozcan Gundogdu
In situ measurements of radon levels in water and soil and exhalation rate in areas of Malwa belt of Punjab (India)

Sanjeev Kumar, Surinder Singh, Bikramjit S. Bajwa & Arvind D. Sabharwal
Radioactivity of sand, groundwater and wild plants in northeast Sinai, Egypt

Khaled A. Ramadan, Mostafa K. Seddeek, Abdelkareem Nijim, Taher Sharshar & Hussein M. Badran
Stable isotope determination of ster and ether methyl moieties in plant methoxyl groups

Markus Greule & Frank Keppler
Diet-consumer nitrogen isotope fractionation for prolonged fasting arthropods

Chitoshi Mizota & Toshiro Yamanaka
Latitudinal distribution of nitrogen isotopic composition in suspended particulate organic matter in tropical/subtropical seas

Run Zhang, Min Chen, Qiang Ma, Jianping Cao & Yusheng Qiu
Role of water contamination within the GC column of a GasBench II peripheral on the reproducibility of 18O/16O ratios in water samples

Ravi Rangarajan & Prosenjit Ghosh
Application of stable isotopes and hydrochemical analysis in groundwater aquifers of Argolis Peninsula (Greece)

Ioannis Matiatos & Apostolos Alexopoulos
438 - 445
446 - 455
456 - 469
470 - 482
483 - 488
489 - 497
498 - 511
512 - 529
Conference Report

Gerhard Strauch
530 - 532
Conference Report

Peter Krumbiegel
533 - 534
New reporting guidelines for stable isotopes - an announcement to isotope users

Willi A. Brand
535 - 536
Editorial Board
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 47 Issue 4 - Dezember 2011 - Contents
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