Special section: Contributions to the 8th International Conference on Applications of Stable   Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies (ISOECOL), Brest, France, 20-24 August 2012
293 - 294
Further papers
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Preface - Contributions to the 8th International Conference on Applications of Stable Isotope Techniques to Ecological Studies (ISOECOL), Brest, France, 20-24 August 2012

Stanislas F. Dubois, Jacques Grall
Using stable CNS isotopes to valuate estuarine fisheries condition and health

Brian Fry
295 - 304
305 - 311
312 - 317
The influence of metabolic effects on stable hydrogen isotopes in tissues  of aquatic organisms

David X. Soto, Keith A. Hobson, Leonard I. Wassenaar
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes reveal the use of pelagic resources by the invasive Ponto-Caspian mysid Limnomysis benedeni

Patrick Fink, Chris Harrod
Extensive browsing by a conventional grazer? Stable carbon isotope analysis reveals extraordinary dietary flexibility among Sanga cattle of North Central Namibia

Frans G.T. Radloff, Cornelis Van der Waal, Alexander L. Bond
Intraspecific isotopic niche variation in broad-snouted caiman (Caiman latirostris)

Thiago S. Marques, Neliton R.F. Lara, Luis A.B. Bassetti, Carlos I. Piña, Plínio B. Camargo, Luciano M. Verdade
Stable isotope composition of the meteoric precipitation in Croatia

Tamara Hunjak, Hans O. Lutz, Zvjezdana Roller-Lutz
318 - 324
325 - 335
336 - 345
346 - 356
13C-aminopyrine demethylation is decreased in cirrhotic patients with  normal biochemical markers

Paul Afolabi, Mark Wright, Steve A. Wootton, Alan A. Jackson
Mechanistic studies of reactions catalysed by diamine oxidase using isotope effects

Jelena Šamonina-Kosicka, Marianna Kańska
Evidence of anaerobic syntrophic acetate oxidation in biogas batch reactors by analysis of 13C carbon isotopes

Daniela Polag, Hauke Heuwinkel, Stephan Laukenmann, Markus Greule, Frank Keppler
Measurement of stable isotope activities in saline aqueous solutions using optical spectroscopy methods

Geoff Koehler, Leonard I. Wassenaar, Jim Hendry
Comparison of water isotope-ratio determinations using two cavity ring-down instruments and classical mass spectrometry in continuous ice-core analysis

Olivia J. Maselli, Diedrich Fritzsche, Lawrence Layman, Joseph R. McConnell, Hanno Meyer
Hydrogeochemical and isotopic characterisation of groundwater in a sand-dune phreatic aquifer on the northeastern coast of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Silvina C. Carretero, Cristina Dapeña, Eduardo E. Kruse
Estimates of dietary overlap for six species of Amazonian manakin birds using stable isotopes

Jeanne M. Fair, Thomas B. Ryder, Bette A. Loiselle, John G. Blake, Toti E. Larson, Paul Davis, James Syme, George B. Perkins, Jeffrey M. Heikoop
357 - 364
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420 - 435
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 49 Issue 3 - Oktober 2013 - Contents
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