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On the conversion of tritium units to mass fractions for hydrologic applications  (Free access at T&F Website)

David A. Stonestrom, Brian J. Andraski, Clay A. Cooper, C. Justin Mayers & Robert L. Michel
Radioactivity in Montenegro beach sands and assessment of the corresponding environmental risk

Nevenka M. Antovic, Nikola Svrkota, Ivanka Antovic, Ranko Svrkota & Dejan Jancic
Preliminary risk assessment of radon in groundwater: a case study from Eskisehir, Turkey

Galip Yuce & Massimo Gasparon
Evaluation of spatial and seasonal radioactivity dose fluctuations in a Wierzchowska Górna limestone cave

Aleksandra Jung, Blazej Karabin & Katarzyna Matusiak
Seasonal variation of oxygen-18 in precipitation and surface water of the Poyang Lake Basin, China

Chunhua Hu, Klaus Froehlich, Peng Zhou, Qian Lou, Simiao Zeng & Wenbin Zhou
Source attribution of agriculture-related deposition by using total nitrogen and δ15N in epiphytic lichen tissue, bark and deposition water samples in Germany

Stefanie Boltersdorf & Willy Werner
Reproducibility of two 13CO2 breath tests dedicated to assess pancreatic exocrine function

Krzysztof Jonderko, Magdalena Kamińska, Anna Kasicka-Jonderko, Mał gorzata Bożek, Magdalena Radosz, Karolina Szostak & Barbara Błońska-Fajfrowska
Field-based cavity ring-down spectrometry of δ13C in soil-respired CO2

Niels C. Munksgaard, Kalu Davies, Chris M. Wurster, Adrian M. Bass & Michael I. Bird
Assessing the subsequent effect of nitrogen released from tobacco-waste on maize crop using a 15N isotope technique

M. Rüştü Karaman & A. Reşit Brohi
Calcium isotope fractionation in liquid chromatography with crown ether resin in methanol medium

Shigeki Nemoto, Masao Nomura & Takao Oi
Radioactive contamination of the atmosphere of Cairo, Egypt, from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant accident

S. U. El-Kameesy & E. Salama
The potential health hazard due to elevated radioactivity in old uranium mines in Dolina Białego, Tatra Mountains, Poland

Krzysztof Kozak, Jadwiga Mazur, Janja Vaupotič, Dominik Grządziel, Ivan Kobal & Khaled M.H. Omran
Unusual patterns in 15N blood values after a diet switch in red knot shorebirds

Maurine W. Dietz, Theunis Piersma, Anne Dekinga, Harry Korthals & Marcel Klaassen
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 49 Issue 2 - Mai 2013 - Contents
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