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Original Articles
143 - 155
Radon survey and soil gamma doses in primary schools of Batman, Turkey - free access at T&F Website

Nevzat Damla, Kamuran Aldemir
Short Communication
277 - 284
Ultra trace determination of fluorobenzoic acids in reservoir and ground water using isotope dilution gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Karsten Müller, Andreas Seubert
156 - 168
169 - 183
184 - 200
201 -210
211 - 225
226 - 234
235 - 256
257 - 268
269 - 276
Seasonal variability of soil CO2 flux and its carbon isotope composition in Krakow urban area, Southern Poland

Alina Jasek, Miroslaw Zimnoch, Zbigniew Gorczyca, Ewa Smula, Kazimierz Rozanski
Stable carbon isotopes in dissolved inorganic carbon: extraction and implications for quantifying the contributions from silicate and carbonate weathering in the Krishna River system during peak discharge

Amzad H. Laskar, Naveen Gandhi, Kaustubh Thirumalai, Madhusudan G. Yadava, Rengaswamy Ramesh, Ramakant R. Mahajan, Dharmendra Kumar
Spatiotemporal patterns of stable isotopes and hydrochemistry in springs and river flow of the upper Karkheh River Basin, Iran

Khaled Osati, Paul Koeniger, Ali Salajegheh, Mohammad Mahdavi, Kamran Chapi, Arash Malekian
Stable water isotope patterns in a climate change hotspot: the isotope hydrology framework of Corsica (western Mediterranean)

Robert van Geldern, Joachim Kuhlemann, Ralf Schiebel, Heinrich Taubald, Johannes A.C. Barth
238U and total radioactivity in drinking waters in Van province, Turkey

Özlem Selçuk Zorer, Beşir Dağ
Radon and thoron levels, their spatial and seasonal variations in adobe dwellings - a case study at the great Hungarian plain

Zsuzsanna Szabó, Gyozo Jordan, Csaba Szabó, Ákos Horváth, Óskar Holm, Gábor Kocsy, István Csige, Péter Szabó, Zsolt Homoki
Radon survey and soil gamma doses in primary schools of Batman, Turkey

Nevzat Damla, Kamuran Aldemir
Effect of salinity on the concentrations of radioisotopes in the aquatic environment of a hypersaline coastal lagoon

Khaled A. Ramadan, Mostafa K. Seddeek, Taher Sharshar, Tarek Elnimr, Hussein M. Badran
Evolution of vegetation and soil nutrients after uranium mining in Los Ratones mine (Cáceres, Spain)

María A. Pérez-Fernández, Feliciano Vera-Tomé, María P. Blanco-Rodríguez, Juan C. Lozano
Isotope effects in the enzymatic oxidation of tryptamine to 3-indolyl-acetaldehyde

Sylwia Dragulska, Elżbieta Winnicka, Marianna Kańska
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 50 Issue 2 - April 2014 - Contents
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