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Sulphur tales: a tribute on the occasion of the 90th birthday of Heimo Nielsen  (Free access at T&F Website)

Michael E. Böttcher & Jochen Hoefs
Original Articles
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δ34S values in recent sea sediments and their significance using several sediment profiles from the western Baltic Sea

Martin Hartmann & Heimo Nielsen
The reversibility of dissimilatory sulphate reduction and the cell-internal multi-step reduction of sulphite to sulphide: insights from the oxygen isotope composition of sulphate

Benjamin Brunner, Florian Einsiedl, Gail L. Arnold, Inigo Müller, Stefanie Templer & Stefano M. Bernasconi
Isotope fractionation in aqua-gas systems: Cl2-HCl-Cl-, Br2-HBr-Br- and H2S-S2-

Maciej Czarnacki & Stanisław Hałas
Sulphur isotope fractionation during the reduction of elemental sulphur and thiosulphate by Dethiosulfovibrio spp.

Alexander V. Surkov, Michael E. Böttcher & Jan Kuever
Stable isotope fractionation related to technically enhanced bacterial sulphate degradation in lignite mining sediments

Kay Knöller, Christina Jeschke, André Simon, Martin Gast & Nils Hoth
Identifying sources and processes controlling the sulphur cycle in the Canyon Creek watershed, Alberta, Canada

Michael Nightingale & Bernhard Mayer
Concrete under sulphate attack: an isotope study on sulphur sources

Florian Mittermayr, Christoph Bauer, Dietmar Klammer, Michael E. Böttcher, Albrecht Leis, Peter Escher & Martin Dietzel
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Regional and temporal variability of the isotope composition (O, S) of atmospheric sulphate in the region of Freiberg, Germany, and consequences for dissolved sulphate in groundwater and river water

Marion Tichomirowa & Claudia Heidel
Sulphur stable isotope systematics in diagenetic pyrite from the North Sea hydrocarbon reservoirs revealed by laser combustion analysis

Anthony E. Fallick, Adrian J. Boyce & Paul McConville
Sulphur diagenesis in the sediments of the Kiel Bight, SW Baltic Sea, as reflected by multiple stable sulphur isotopes

Harald Strauss, Rebecca Bast, Anja Cording, David Diekrup, Artur Fugmann, Dieter Garbe-Schönberg, Andreas Lutter, Martin Oeser, Katharina Rabe, Debora Reinke, Barbara M.A. Teichert & Ulrike Westernströer
Early Aptian carbon and sulphur isotope signatures at ODP Site 765

Nicole DeBond, Rosie L. Oakes, Adina Paytan & Ulrich G. Wortmann
Application of sulphur isotopes for stratigraphic correlation

Adina Paytan, Ellen T. Gray, Zhongwu Ma, Andrea Erhardt & Kristina Faul
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 48 Issue 1 - Februar 2012 - Contents
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