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Gerhard Strauch & Peter Krumbiegel
Lost papers
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Studies of the protein and the energy metabolism in man during a wintering in Antarctica

Peter Junghans, Georg Schrader, Hans Faust, Barbara Wagner, Klaus Hirschberg & Rolf Reinhardt
Tracer kinetics and metabolic models in medicine

Peter Junghans, Barbara Wagner, Andreas Nickel & Hans Faust
208 - 225
239 - 258
226 - 238
Original Articles
Development and application of 15N-tracer substances for measuring the wholebody protein turnover rates in the human, especially in neonates: a review

Klaus D. Wutzke
δ2H and δ18O of human body water: a GIS model to distinguish residents from non-residents in the contiguous USA

David W. Podlesak, Gabriel J. Bowen, Shannon O'Grady, Thure E. Cerling & James R. Ehleringer
Monte Carlo modelling of human body for dose conversion coefficients of 137Cs in soil of the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey

Necati Çelik
Appraisal of radioactivity and associated radiation hazards in sand samples of four rivers of Punjab province, Pakistan

Khalid Khan, Muhammad Rizwan Khalid, Abdul Jabbar & Perveen Akhter
Measurement of radionuclides and absorbed dose rates in soil samples of Peshawar, Pakistan, using gamma ray spectrometry

Hasan M. Khan, Muhammad Ismail, Muhammad Abid Zia & Khalid Khan
Mineralogical, geochemical and radiological characterisation of Selmo Formation in Batman area, Turkey

Umit Isik, Nevzat Damla, Dicle Bal Akkoca & Uğur Cevik
259 - 279
280 - 285
286 - 294
313 - 326
327 - 344
295 - 301
302 - 312
Measuring nitrification in sediments - comparison of two techniques and three 15NO3 measurement methods

Helena Jäntti, Elina Leskinen, Claus Florian Stange & Susanna Hietanen
Carbon and nitrogen isotope analyses coupled with palynological data of PM10 in Wrocław city (SW Poland) - assessment of anthropogenic impact

Maciej Górka, Elżbieta Zwolińska, Małgorzata Malkiewicz, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak & Mariusz O. Jędrysek
Stable isotopes determination in some Romanian wines

Dana Alina Magdas, Stela Cuna, Gabriela Cristea, Roxana Elena Ionete & Diana Costinel
Introduction to body composition assessment using the deuterium dilution technique with analysis of saliva samples by Fourier transform infrared spectrometry

Peter Krumbiegel
345 - 353
372 - 373
Book Review
C and O stable isotopic signatures of fast-growing dripstones on alkaline substrates: reflection of growth mechanism, carbonate sources and environmental conditions

Saša Zavadlav, Darja Mazej, Janez Zavašnik, Aleksander Rečnik, David Dominguez-Víllar, Neven Cukrov & Sonja Lojen
354 - 371
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 48 Issue 2 - April 2012 - Contents
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