Lost papers (5)  (Free access at T&F Website)

Gerhard Strauch
Lost papers
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30 years of production of highly enriched nitrogen-15 in the GDR

Christian Jonas
Stable isotope terminology

Peter Krumbiegel
H-D exchange on graphite-potassium intercalation compounds

Siegbert Rummel, Michael Herrmann, Manfred Wahren, Safar M. Yunusov, Margarita A. Ilatovskaya, Yuri B. Isaev, N. D. Lapkina, Yuri N. Novikov & Vladimir B. Shur
Stable isotope deltas: tiny, yet robust signatures in nature

Willi A. Brand & Tyler B. Coplen
376 - 383
384 - 390
391 - 392
393 - 409
410 - 420
Original Articles
421 - 433
434 - 438
439 - 456
457 - 463
464 - 472
Comparison of sample preparation methods for stable isotope analysis of dissolved sulphate in forested watersheds

Phil-Goo Kang, Bernhard Mayer & Myron J. Mitchell
Partitioning of atmospheric carbon dioxide over Central Europe: Insights from combined measurements of CO2 mixing ratios and their carbon isotope composition

Miroslaw Zimnoch, Dorota Jelen, Michal Galkowski, Tadeusz Kuc, Jaroslaw Necki, Lukasz Chmura, Zbigniew Gorczyca, Alina Jasek & Kazimierz Rozanski
Vanadium isotopic composition of the sea squirt (Ciona savignyi)

Masao Nomura, Mana Nakamura, Ryosuke Soeda, Yoshikazu Kikawada, Michiko Fukushima & Takao Oi
Characterising ontogenetic niche shifts in Nile crocodile using stable isotope (δ13C, δ15N) analyses of scute keratin

Frans G.T. Radloff, Keith A. Hobson & Alison J. Leslie
Barium isotope fractionation during experimental formation of the double carbonate BaMn[CO3]2 at ambient temperature

Michael E. Böttcher, Patrizia Geprägs, Nadja Neubert, Katja von Allmen, Chloé Pretet, Elias Samankassou & Thomas F. Nägler
Time variations of 222Rn concentration and air exchange rates in a Hungarian cave

Hedvig Éva Nagy, Zsuzsanna Szabó, Gyozo Jordán, Csaba Szabó, Ákos Horváth & Attila Kiss
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 48 Issue 3 - August 2012 - Contents
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