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Measuring δ13C values of atmospheric acetaldehyde via sodium bisulfite adsorption and cysteamine derivatisation

Songjun Guo, Mei Chen, Sheng Wen, Guoying Sheng & Jiamo Fu
Stable carbon and nitrogen isotope signatures of root-holoparasitic Cynomorium songaricum and its hosts at the Tibetan plateau and the surrounding Gobi desert in China

Yueqin Yang, Xianfeng Yi, Min Peng & Yubi Zhou
A mass spectrometric line for tritium analysis of water and noble gas measurements from different water amounts in the range of microlitres and millilitres

Laszlo Papp, Laszlo Palcsu, Zoltan Major, Laszlo Rinyu & Istvan Tóth
Elevated radionuclide concentrations in heavy mineral-rich beach sands in the Cox's Bazar region, Bangladesh and related possible radiological effects

Mashrur Zaman, Michael Schubert & Sytle Antao
Plutonium fractionation in southern Baltic Sea sediments

Dagmara I. Strumińska-Parulska, Bogdan Skwarzec & Magdalena Pawlukowska
Liver function assessment with three 13C breath tests by two-point measurements

Yukimoto Ishii, Shigeru Suzuki, Satoshi Asai & Ichirou Murai
Effects of ergot alkaloids on liver function of piglets can be detected by the [13C]methacetin breath test irrespective of oral or intramuscular route of tracer administration

Sven Dänicke & Sonja Diers
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 48 Issue 4 - Oktober 2012 - Contents
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