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Original Articles
179 - 196
Chemical and strontium isotope characterization of rainwater in France: Influence of sources and hydrogeochemical implications

Philippe Négrel, Catherine Guerrot & Romain Millot
Diet variability of Mediterranean insular populations of Rattus rattus studied by stable isotope analysis

Jacques Cassaing, Cécile Derré, Issam Moussa & Gilles Cheylan
Combination of radon and stable isotope analysis as a tool for decision support concerning the remediation of NAPL-contaminated sites

Michael Schubert, Miguel Balcazar, Arturo Lopez, Pablo Peña, Jesus H. Flores & Kay Knöller
197 - 213
214 - 226
Automated and rapid online determination of 15N abundance and concentration of ammonium, nitrite, or nitrate in aqueous samples by the SPINMAS technique

C. Florian Stange, Oliver Spott, Bernd Apelt & Rolf W. B. Russow
227 - 236
Fertilizer nitrogen isotope signatures

Alison S. Bateman & Simon D. Kelly
237 - 247
Radioactivity levels in some wild edible mushroom species in Turkey

Şeref Turhan, Abdullah Köse & Ahmet Varinlioğlu
Technical Report
249 - 256
Book Review
257 - 262
GC-R-CF-MS method to determine the 13C abundance of gaseous combustion products in cigarette smoke

Rolf W. B. Russow, Michael Intorp, Christian Mueller & C. Florian Stange
Isotopic Composition of Precipitation in the Mediterranean Basin  in Relation to Air Circulation Patterns and Climate

Stephan Weise
263 - 264
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 43 Issue 3 - September 2007 - Contents
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