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Book Review
265 - 266
Selected Papers of the 27th Annual Meeting of the German Association for Stable Isotope Research - GASIR (Jahrestagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stabile Isotope - ASI), October, 4 to 6, 2006, Freiberg, Germany: Preface

Marion Tichomirowa
Original Articles
Isolation of bicarbonate from equine urine for isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Frank Hülsemann, Ulrich Flenker, Marc Machnik & Wilhelm Schänzer
267 - 273
Determination of δ13 CVPDB and δ15NAIR values of cocaine from a big seizure in Germany by stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Sabine Sewenig, Sylvia Fichtner, Thomas Holdermann, Giselher Fritschi & Helmut Neumann
274 - 280
Stable nitrogen isotopes in essential versus non-essential amino acids of different plankton size fractions

Natalie Loick, Matthias Gehre & Maren Voss
281 - 293
Regional and temporal (1992-2004) evolution of air-borne sulphur isotope composition in Saxony, southeastern Germany, central Europe

Marion Tichomirowa, Frank Haubrich, Werner Klemm & Jörg Matschullat
307 - 321
Comparison of monthly and daily isotopic composition of precipitation in the coastal area of Slovenia

Polona Vreča, Mihael Brenčič & Albrecht Leis
Estimating groundwater mixing and origin in an overexploited aquifer in Guanajuato, Mexico, using stable isotopes (strontium-87, carbon-13, deuterium and oxygen-18)

Axel Horst, Jürgen Mahlknecht & Broder J. Merkel
323 -338
Lead and strontium isotopes as indicators for mixing processes of waters in the former mine ‘Himmelfahrt Fundgrube’, Freiberg (Germany)

Claudia Heidel, Marion Tichomirowa & Jörg Matschullat
355 - 367
Isotopic characteristics of meteoric waters in the Belgrade region

Dusan Golobočanin, Nives Ogrinc, Aleksandra Bondzić & Nada Miljević
Characteristics of suspended matter in the River Sava watershed, Slovenia

Tjaša Kanduč, Nives Ogrinc & Tanja Mrak
Using radon-222 for tracing groundwater discharge into an open-pit lignite mining lake - a case study

Axel Schmidt & Michael Schubert
Radioionidationn Reactions for Radiopharmaceuticals. Compendium  for Effective Synthesis Strategies
Acknowledgement to our reviewers
339 - 354
369 - 386
387 - 400
403 - 404
401 - 402
294 - 306
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies 43 Issue 4 - Dezember 2007 - Contents
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