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Technical Report
127 - 128
Original Articles

Bogdan P. Onac & Tudor Tămaş
About isotope equilibrium between liquid and vapour phases

Stanislaw Halas
Distribution of stable isotopes in surface water along the Danube River in Serbia

Nada Miljević, Dusan Golobočanin, Nives Ogrinc & Ana Bondžić
Stable isotope study of precipitation and cave drip water in Florida (USA):  implications for speleothem-based paleoclimate studies

Bogdan P. Onac, Kali Pace-Graczyk & Viorel Atudirei
Diurnal variations in the photosynthesis-respiration activity of a cyanobacterial bloom in a freshwater dam reservoir: an isotopic study

Adriana Trojanowska, Dominika Lewicka-Szczebak, Mariusz-Orion Jędrysek, Marta Kurasiewicz, Leonard I. Wassenaar & Katarzyna Izydorczyk
129 - 135
137 - 148
149 - 161
177 - 188
163 - 175
189 - 200
201 - 208
209 - 217
219 - 226
Isotopic composition of sulphates from meteoric precipitation as an indicator of pollutant origin in Wrocław (SW Poland)

Maciej Górka, Mariusz-Orion Je¸drysek & Dariusz Strąpoć
Direct evidence for the existence of dairying farms in prehistoric Central Europe  (4th millennium BC)

Jorge E. Spangenberg, Irenaus Matuschik, Stephanie Jacomet & Joerg Schibler
Note on the spring region of Gacka River (Croatia)

Magda Mandić, Diana Bojić, Zvjezdana Roller-Lutz, Hans O. Lutz & Ines Krajcar Bronić
Further Papers
Effects of N-application on utilization of 15N and 13C and quality in two wheat cultivars

Klaus-Peter Götz, Helmut Herzog & Osman Erekul
Effect of alcohol consumption on the liver detoxication capacity as measured by [13C]methacetin- and [methyl-13C]methionine-breath tests

Klaus D. Wutzke, Anke Forberger & Marianne Wigger
Determination of δ2H and δ18O in saline oil-associated waters: the question of simple vacuum distillation of water samples prior to isotopic analyses

Adam Porowski & Peter Kowski
227 - 238
2nd Joint European Stable Isotope User Group Giens
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 44 Issue 2 - Juni 2008 - Contents
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