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Gerhard Strauch
Conference Report
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A new 15N tracer method to determine N turnover and denitrification of Pseudomonas stutzeri

Astrid Meyer, Jessica Bergmann, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl & Nicolas Brüggemann
Dynamic modelling and simulation of 15N separation by chemical exchange in NO, NO2-HNO3 system

Paula Raica & Damian Axente
Evaluation of the oral 13C-bicarbonate tracer technique for the estimation of CO2 production and energy expenditure in dogs during rest and physical activity

Caroline Larsson, Peter Junghans & Anne-Helene Tauson
Experimental investigation of sulphur isotope partitioning during outgassing of hydrogen sulphide from diluted aqueous solutions and seawater

Claudia Baune & Michael E. Böttcher
Isotope study of therapeutic waters from Horyniec Spa, SE Poland

Anna Baran & Stanislaw Halas
A continuous stream flash evaporator for the calibration of an IR cavity ring-down spectrometer for the isotopic analysis of water

Vasileios Gkinis, Trevor J. Popp, Sigfus J. Johnsen & Thomas Blunier
ICP-MS determination of lead isotope ratios in legal and counterfeit cigarette tobacco samples

Christopher D. Judd & Kamal Swami
Transfer of radioactivity from soil to vegetation in Rechna Doab, Pakistan

Abdul Jabbar, Muhammad Tufail, Waheed Arshed, Arshed Salem Bhatti, Syed Salman Ahmad, Perveen Akhter & Muhammad Dilband
Book Reviews
Radiogenic isotopes in geologic processes

Gerhard Strauch
Assessment of body composition and total energy expenditure in humans  using stable isotope techniques; IAEA Human Health Series No. 3

Peter Krumbiegel
Stable isotope technique to assess intake of human milk in breastfed infants: IAEA Human Health Seriens No. 7

Peter Krumbiegel
Handbook of parameter values for the prediction of radionuclide transfer in terrestrial and freshwater environments

Gerhard Strauch
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Conference Report GASIR Meeting

Gerhard Strauch
Editorial Board
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 46 Issue 4 - Dezember 2010 - Contents
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