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3 - 4
Another special issue: 40 years Craig-Gordon model of isotope fractionation of water

Gerhard Strauch & Roberto Gonfiantini
Original Articles

Roberto Gonfiantini
The isotopic composition of evaporating waters - review of the historical evolution leading up to the Craig-Gordon model

Joel R. Gat
11 - 21
5 - 9
23 - 49
­51­ - 59
Revisiting the boundary layer structure used in Craig and Gordon's model of isotope fractionation in evaporation

Josef Tanny & Jacob Cohen
Isotope effects in the evaporation of water: a status report of the Craig-Gordon model

Juske Horita, Kazimierz Rozanski & Shabtai Cohen
Isotope effects accompanying evaporation of water from leaky containers

Kazimierz Rozanski & Lukasz Chmura
Deuterium excess in precipitation of Alpine regions - moisture recycling

Klaus Froehlich, Martin Kralik, Wolfgang Papesch, Dieter Rank, Helfried Scheifinger & Willibald Stichler
Mbaka lakes isotopic (18O and 2H) and water balances: discussion on the used atmospheric moisture compositions

Manuëlla Delalande, Laurent Bergonzini & Marc Massault
61 - 70
71 - 82
Evaporative isotope enrichment as a constraint on reach water balance  along a dryland river

John J. Gibson, Mostafa A. Sadek, D.J.M. Stone, Catherine E. Hughes, S. Hankin, Dioni I. Cendon & Suzanne E. Hollins
99 - 110
Estimation of lake water-groundwater interactions in meromictic mining lakes by modelling isotope signatures of lake water

Anne Seebach, Severine Dietz, Dieter Lessmann & Kay Knoeller
83 - 98
δ18O characteristics of lichens and their effects on evaporative processes of the subjacent soil

Britta Hartard, C. Máguas & M. Lakatos
111 - 128
1 - 2
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 44 Issue 1 - März 2008 - Contents
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