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141 - 155
Original Articles
Notes on the temperature dependence of carbon isotope fractionation by aerobic CH4-oxidising bacteria

Gérard C. Nihous
Conference Report
133 - 140
156 - 165
166 - 179
190 - 209
180 - 189
Nitrogen isotopes determination in natural gas: analytical method and first results on magmatic, hydrothermal and soil gas samples

Fausto Grassa, Giorgio Capasso, Ygor Oliveri, Aldo Sollami, Paula Carreira, M. Rosário Carvalho, José M. Marques & João C. Nunes
Assessment of recharge and flowpaths in a limestone thermomineral aquifer system using environmental isotope tracers (Central Portugal)

José M. Marques, Hans G.M. Eggenkamp, Henrique Graça, Paula M. Carreira, Maria José Matias, Bernhard Mayer & Dina Nunes
Spatial and temporal variability of stable isotopes and biological parameters for the Danube River in Serbia

Tatjana Mitrović, Vesna Obradović, Dušan Golobočanin, Nives Ogrinc & Nada Miljević
Hekla cold springs (Iceland): groundwater mixing with magmatic gases

Nils G. Holm, Sigurður R. Gislason, Erik Sturkell & Peter Torssander
Stable isotopic and geochemical variability within shallow groundwater beneath a hardwood hammock and surface water in an adjoining slough (Everglades National Park, Florida, USA)

Lee J. Florea & Dorien K. McGee
210 - 218
219 - 224
225 - 232
15N natural abundance of non-fixing woody species in the Brazilian dry forest (caatinga)

Ana Dolores Santiago de Freitas, Everardo Valadares de Sá Barretto Sampaio, Rômulo Simões Cezar Menezes & Holm Tiessen
Stable sulphur isotope ratios in the moss species Hylocomium splendens (Hedw.) B.S.G. and Pleurozium schreberi (Brid.) Mitt. from the Kielce area (south-central Poland)

Zdzisław M. Migaszewski, Sabina Dołȩ
gowska, Stanisław Hałas & Andrzej Trembaczowski
The kinetic and solvent deuterium isotope effects in the 4- and 5-positions of the indole ring on the enzymatic decomposition of L-tryptophan

Elzbieta Winnicka, Pawel Da¸browski, Tomasz Winek & Marianna Kanska
233 - 241
Mass dependence of calcium isotope fractionations in crown-ether resin chromatography

Yasuhiko Fujii, Masao Nomura, Tositaka Kaneshiki, Yoichi Sakuma, Tatsuya Suzuki, Saori Umehara & Tadahumi Kishimoto
Experimental plant for simultaneous production of 14N and 15N by 15N/14N exchange in NO, NO2-HNO3 system under pressure

Damian Axente, Cristina Marcu, Ancuţa Mureşan, Martin Kaucsar, Ioan Mişan, Gabriel Popeneciu, Nicolae Gligan & Gabriela Cristea
242 - 248
Enzymatic synthesis of some 15N-labelled L-amino acids

Maria Chiriac, Iulia Lupan, Flavia Popa, Nicolae Palibroda & Octavian Popescu
249 - 254
Gordon Research Conference: Isotopes in Biological and Chemical Sciences, 14-19February 2010, Galveston, TX, USA

Peter Krumbiegel
249 - 254
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 46 Issue 2 - Juni 2010 - Contents
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