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Effect of alcohol consumption on the liver detoxication capacity as measured by [13C2]aminopyrine and L-[1-13C]phenylalanine breath tests

Klaus D. Wutzke & Marianne Wigger
L-[1-13C]phenylalanine breath test in patients with chronic liver disease of different etiologies

Segundo Moran, Irazu Gallardo-Wong, Gustavo Rodriguez-Leal, Paulina Mccollough, Jorge Mendez, Beatriz Castañeda, Pilar Milke, Janet Jacobo & Margarita Dehesa
Natural abundances of 15N and 13C in leaves of some N2-fixing and non-N2-fixing trees and shrubs in Syria

F. Kurdali & M. Al-Shamma'a
Food webs in Mongolian grasslands: The analysis of 13C and 15N natural abundances

Ayato Kohzu, T. Iwata, M. Kato, J. Nishikawa, Eitaro Wada, N. Amartuvshin, B. Namkhaidorj & N. Fujita
192 - 197
198 - 207
208 - 219
220 - 230
Characterisation of spatial variability and patterns in tree and soil δ13C at forested sites in eastern Canada

David Risk, Lisa Kellman & Martin Moroni
The potential for releasing methane from artificial lakes in Central Germany - a 13C study

Horst-Michael Nitzsche, Wolfgang Czegka, Christiane Hanisch, Lutz Zerling & Frank Wolfgang Junge
A 6.5-year continuous record of sea surface salinity and seawater isotopic composition at Harbour of Ishigaki Island, southwest Japan

Osamu Abe, Seizen Agata, Maki Morimoto, Manabu Abe, Kei Yoshimura, Tetsuya Hiyama & Naohiro Yoshida
Preliminary integrated indoor radon measurements in Transylvania (Romania)

Constantin Cosma, Kinga Szacsvai, Alexandra Dinu, Daniela Ciorba, Tiberius Dicu & Liviu Suciu
231 -246
247 - 258
259 - 268
Dose evaluation and measurement of radon concentration in some drinking water sources of the Ramsar region in Iran

Ali Asghar Mowlavi, Amrolah Shahbahrami & Alireza Binesh
269 - 272
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 45 Issue 3 - September 2009 - Contents
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