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Peter Krumbiegel & Gerhard Strauch
Selected papers from the 2nd Joint European Stable Isotope Users Meeting (JESIUM) 31 August - 5 September 2008, Presqu'île de Giens, France
Further Papers
Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons extracted from air particulate matter using a temperature programmable injector coupled to GC-C-IRMS

Agnieszka Mikolajczuk, Elżbieta Perez Przyk, Benny Geypens, Michael Berglund & Philip Taylor
2 - 12
Spatial variability in the stable isotopes of modern precipitation in the northwest of Iberia

Ana Carla Vaz de Oliveira & Alberto da Silva Lima
Organic matter as a potential complementary tool for δ18O data interpretation in heterogeneous aquifers

Thibaut Blondel, Yves Travi, Christophe Emblanch & Yves Dudal
Pan-derived isotopic composition of atmospheric vapour in a Mediterranean wetland (Rhône River Delta, France)

Christine Vallet-Coulomb, Olivier Cartapanis, Olivier Radakovitch, Corinne Sonzogni & Marc Pichaud
13 - 26
27 - 36
37 - 48
Long-term continuous sampling of 12CO2, 13CO2 and 12C18O16O in ambient air with a quantum cascade laser spectrometer

J. Barry McManus, David D. Nelson & Mark S. Zahniser
49 - 63
64 - 77
Investigation of growth responses in saprophytic fungi to charred biomass

Philippa L. Ascough, Craig J. Sturrock & Michael I. Bird
Estimation of microbial methane generation and oxidation rates in the municipal solid waste landfill of Kaluga city, Russia

Anatoly M. Zyakun, Artem I. Muravyev, Boris P. Baskunov, Kestutis S. Laurinavichius, Vladimir N. Zakharchenko, Valentina P. Peshenko, Igor N. Lykov & Galina A. Shestakova
78 - 90
Use of isotopes to study floodplain wetland and river flow interaction in the White Volta River basin, Ghana

Benjamin Kofi Nyarko, David Kofi Essumang, Moses J. Eghan, Barbara Reichert, Nick van de Giesen & Paul Vlek
91 - 106
Influence of forage preferences and habitat use on 13C and 15N abundance in wild caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) and moose (Alces alces) from Canada

Dorothée G. Drucker, Keith A. Hobson, Jean-Pierre Ouellet & Réhaume Courtois
107 - 121
Relationship between 18O enrichment in leaf biomass and stomatal conductance

Madavalam Sreeman Sheshshayee, Hanumantha Rao Bindumadhava, Rengaswamy Ramesh, Trichy Ganesh Prasad & Makarla Udayakumar
122 - 129
30th Annual Meeting of the German Association for Stable Isotope Research (GASIR), 5-7 October 2009, Potsdam.

Gerhard Strauch
130 - 131
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 46 Issue 1 - März 2010 - Contents
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