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257 - 258
Selected papers from the International Workshop G-DAT 2008: Groundwater Dating Using Environmental Tracers, 5-7 March 2008, Leipzig, Germany
Further Papers
Selected papers from the International Workshop G-DAT 2008: Groundwater Dating Using Environmental Tracers, 5-7 March 2008, Leipzig, Germany Preface

Karsten Osenbrück, Stephan M. Weise & Brent D. Newman
Dating of ‘young’ groundwaters using environmental tracers: advantages, applications, and research needs

Brent D. Newman, Karsten Osenbrück, Werner Aeschbach-Hertig, D. Kip Solomon, Peter Cook, Kazimierz Różański & Rolf Kipfer
259 - 278
279 - 290
291 - 298
299 - 311
312 - 324
325 - 336
337 - 354
Accumulation of natural SF6 in the sedimentary aquifers of the North China Plain as a restriction on groundwater dating

Christoph von Rohden, Andreas Kreuzer, Zongyu Chen & Werner Aeschbach-Hertig
Dating problems with selected mining lakes and the adjacent groundwater body in Lusatia, Germany

Anne Seebach, Christoph von Rohden, Johann Ilmberger, Stephan M. Weise & Kay Knöller
Assessing the use of 3H-3He dating to determine the subsurface transit time of cave drip waters

Tobias Kluge, Martin Wieser & Werner Aeschbach-Hertig
Linking chloride mass balance infiltration rates with chlorofluorocarbon and SF6 groundwater dating in semi-arid settings: potential and limitations

Susanne Stadler, Karsten Osenbrück, Wilhelmus H.M. Duijnisveld, Martin Schwiede & Jürgen Böttcher
Book Revies
Two time-point assessment of bile acid kinetics in humans using stable isotopes

Frans Stellaard, Vincent W. Bloks, Hans G.M. Burgerhof, Richard A. Scheltema, Elizabeth J. Murphy, Hans A. Romijn, Guus H.M. Smelt, Gemma Brufau & Folkert Kuipers
Impact of diazotrophy on N stable isotope signatures of nitrate and particulate organic nitrogen: case studies in the north-eastern tropical Atlantic Ocean

Nicola Wannicke, Iris Liskow & Maren Voss
Nitrogen retention in the Szczecin Lagoon, Baltic Sea

Maren Voss, Barbara Deutsch, Iris Liskow, Marianna Pastuszak, Ulrike Schulte & Stanisław Sitek
Indications for the past redox environments in deep groundwaters from the isotopic  composition of carbon and oxygen in fracture calcite, Olkiluoto, SW Finland

Elina Sahlstedt, Juha A. Karhu & Petteri Pitkänen
Determination of carbon isotope ratios of methanol and acetaldehyde in air samples by gas chromatography-isotope ratio mass spectrometry combined with headspace solid-phase microextraction

Keita Yamada, Ryota Hattori, Yuji Ito, Hiroki Shibata & Naohiro Yoshida
355 - 369
370 - 391
392 - 399
400 - 402
Isotope effects in the chemical, geological, and bio sciences

Reinhold Haberlandt
403 - 404
Obituary for Jacom Bigeleisen
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 46 Issue 3 - September 2010 - Contents
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