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Special Issue dedicated to Professor Hanns-Ludwig Schmidt on the occasion of his 85th birthday (Free access at T&F Website)

Roland A. Werner, Andreas Roßmann, Gerd Gleixner, Christine Lehn, Cornelia C. Metges & Hans Schnyder
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From the synthesis of specifically labelled radioactive tracers to the pattern analysis of naturally labelled compounds - a personal perspective

Hans-Ludwig Schmidt
The complex isotopologue space of glucose as a framework for the study of human intermediary metabolism

Silke Marsch, Adelbert Bacher, Christian Ettenhuber, Tobias Gräwert, Harald Mückter, Dietrich Seidel, Michael Vogeser, Ralf Laupitz, Markus Fischer, Ulrike Bacher & Wolfgang Eisenreich
Investigation of the stereochemical course of ene reductase-catalysed reactions by deuterium labelling

Elisabetta Brenna, Giovanni Fronza, Claudio Fuganti & Fabio Parmeggiani
13C discrimination between diet, faeces, milk and milk components

Stephan Schneider, Karl Auerswald, Gerhard Bellof & Hans Schnyder
Milk production and nutrient partitioning as measured by 13C enrichment of milk components during C3 and C4 plant feeding in purebred Holstein and in Charolais × Holstein F2 crossbred cows

Hany Hillal, Jürgen Voigt, Cornelia C. Metges & Harald M. Hammon
Multi element (C, H, O) stable isotope analysis for the authentication of balsamic vinegars

Roland A. Werner & Andreas Roßmann
Change of geographical location from Germany (Bavaria) to USA (Arizona) and its effect on H-C-N-S stable isotopes in human hair

Christine Lehn, Christina Lihl & Andreas Roßmann
Isotope evidence for preferential dispersal of fast-spreading invasive gobies along man-made river bank structures

Joerg Brandner, Karl Auerswald, Rudi Schäufele, Alexander F. Cerwenka & Juergen Geist
Changes in δ13C of dark respired CO2 and organic matter of different organs during early ontogeny in peanut plants

Jaleh Ghashghaie, Franz W. Badeck, Cyril Girardin, Diana Sketriené, Marlène Lamothe-Sibold & Roland A. Werner
Bias in estimated online leaf carbon isotope discrimination due to woody tissues

Carola H. Blessing, Matti Barthel & Nina Buchmann
Seasonal variation of leaf wax n-alkane production and δ2H values from the evergreen oak tree, Quercus agrifolia

Dirk Sachse, Todd E. Dawson & Ansgar Kahmen
Stable hydrogen and carbon isotope ratios of methoxyl groups during plant litter degradation

Tobias Anhäuser, Markus Greule, Michael Zech, Karsten Kalbitz, Colin McRoberts & Frank Keppler
Multi-factorial in vivo stable isotope fractionation: causes, correlations, consequences and applications

Hanns-Ludwig Schmidt, Richard J. Robins & Roland A. Werner
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 51 Issue 1 - April 2015 - Contents
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