559 - 560
Hans Faust: 90th Birthday

Prof. Dr. Helge Bornhak, Prof. Dr. Klaus Jung, Dr. habil. Peter Junghans, Prof. Dr. Peter Krumbiegel, Dr. Rolf Reinhard, Dr. Rolf Russow & Dr. habil. Eckart Winkler
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 54 Issue 6 - November 2018 - Contents
561 - 572
Breath water-based doubly labelled water method for the noninvasive determination of CO2 production and energy expenditure in mice

Peter Junghans, Solvig Görs, Martina Langhammer & Cornelia C. Metges
573 - 587
Using the 13C/12C carbon isotope ratio to characterise the emission sources of airborne particulate matter: a review of literature

Juan Aguilera & Leah D. Whigham
588 - 607
Stable isotope signatures of meteoric water in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin, Namibia: Seasonal characteristics, trends and relations to southern African Patterns

Heike Wanke, Marcel Gaj, Matthias Beyer, Paul Koeniger & Josefina T. Hamutoko
608 - 621
Nitrogen isotope pattern in Mongolian larch stands at the southern Eurasian boreal forest boundary

Mika Hayashi, Maximo Larry Lopez Caceres, Yoshihiro Nobori, Byambasuren Mijidsuren & Jens Boy
622 - 641
Stable carbon isotopic composition of peat columns, subsoil and vegetation on natural and forestry-drained boreal peatlands

Hannu Nykänen, Promise A. Mpamah & Antti J. Rissanen
642 - 655
Nitrogen isotope fractionation factors (α) measured and estimated from the volatilisation of ammonia from water at pH 9.2 and pH 8.5

Eduardo Cejudo & Sherry L. Schiff
656 - 657
Publication of the second edition of the FIRMS good practice guide for isotope ratio mass spectrometry

Philip J H Dunn & James F Carter
Review Article
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