111 - 115
210Pb in magnesium dietary supplements

Dagmara I. Strumi
Short Communication
116 - 133
Evaluation of the performance of high temperature conversion reactors for compound-specific oxygen stable isotope analysis

Kristina L. Hitzfeld, Matthias Gehre & Hans-Hermann Richnow
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134 - 156
Dynamic changes of carbon isotope apparent fractionation factor to describe transition to syntrophic acetate oxidation during cellulose and acetate methanization

Vasily A. Vavilin & Sergey V. Rytov
157 - 171
First field-based observations of δ2H and δ18O values of event-based precipitation, rivers and other water bodies in the Dzungarian Gobi, SW Mongolia

Martina Burnik Šturm, Oyunsaikhan Ganbaatar, Christian C. Voigt & Petra Kaczensky
172 - 183
Temporal 18O and deuterium variations in hydrologic components of a small watershed during a typhoon event

Simin Qu, Yifan Wang, Minmin Zhou, Han Liu, Peng Shi, Zhongbo Yu & Long Xiang
184 - 197
Combined approach of isotope mass balance and hydrological water balance methods to constrain the sources of lake water as exemplified on the small dimictic lake Silbersee, northern Germany

Hatem Elmarami, Hanno Meyer & Gudrun Massmann
198 - 211
Assessment of the origin and geothermal potential of the thermal waters by hydro-isotope geochemistry: Eskisehir province, Turkey

Galip Yuce, Francesco Italiano, Didem Yasin, Lutfi Taskiran & Ahmet Hilmi Gulbay
212 - 221
Assessment of radiological hazard parameters due to natural radioactivity in soils from granite-rich regions in Kütahya Province, Turkey

Latife Sahin, Nurgül Hafızoğlu, Hakan Çetinkaya, Kaan Manisa, Engin Bozkurt & Ahmet Biçer
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 53 Issue 2 - March 2017 - Contents
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