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113 - 114
Editorial to special section „Application of isotopes in river water research“

Peter Fritz
Review article
115 - 136
Temporal and spatial distribution of isotopes in river water in Central Europe: 50 years experience with the Austrian network of isotopes in rivers

Dieter Rank, Stefan Wyhlidal, Katharina Schott, Silvia Weigand & Armin Oblin
137 - 146
Spatial and temporal variation of H and O isotopic compositions of the Xijiang River system, Southwest China

Guilin Han, Pin Lv, Yang Tang & Zhaoliang Song
147 - 167
Defining a stable water isotope framework for isotope hydrology application in a large trans-boundary watershed (Russian Federation/Ukraine)

Yuliya Vystavna, Dmytro Diadin & Frédéric Huneau
168 - 184
Anthropogenic changes of nitrogen loads in a small river: external nutrient sources vs. internal turnover processes

Lisa Brase, Tina Sanders & Kirstin Dähnke
General Articles
185 - 195
The relative isotopic abundance (δ13C, δ15N) during composting of agricultural wastes in relation to compost quality and feedstock

Caio T. Inácio, Alberto M. T. Magalhães, Paulo O. Souza, Phillip M. Chalk & Segundo Urquiaga
196 - 208
Validating fin tissue as a non-lethal proxy to liver and muscle tissue for stable isotope analysis of yellow perch (Perca flavescens)

Meagan McCloskey, David J. Yurkowski & Christina A. D. Semeniuk
209 - 224
Seasonal variation in natural abundance of δ13C and 15N in Salicornia brachiata Roxb. populations from a coastal area of India

Doongar R. Chaudhary, Juyoung Seo, Hojeong Kang, Aditya P. Rathore & Bhavanath Jha
Special Section: Isotope hydrology in river catchments
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 54 Issue 2 - March 2018 - Contents
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