446 - 465
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Comparison of δ81Br and δ37Cl composition of volatiles, salt precipitates, and associated water in terrestrial evaporative saline lake systems

Corinne Hanlon, Randy Stotler, Shaun Frape & Rhys Gwynne
466 - 483
Interpretation of environmental tracer data for conceptual understanding of groundwater flow: an application for fractured aquifer systems in the Kłodzko Basin, Sudetes, Poland

Mariusz Mądrala, Mirosław Wąsik & Piotr Małoszewski
Special section dedicated to Professor Peter Fritz on the occasion of his 80th birthday
441 - 443
Tribute to Professor Peter Fritz on the occasion of his 80th birthday

Gerhard Strauch & Peter Krumbiegel
444 - 445
Peter Fritz – an old friend and colleague

Roberto Gonfiantini
484 - 499
Estimating the spatial distribution of artificial groundwater recharge using multiple tracers

Christian Moeck, Dirk Radny, Adrian Auckenthaler, Michael Berg, Juliane Hollender & Mario Schirmer
500 - 517
Hydrology of the North Klondike River: carbon export, water balance and inter-annual climate influences within a sub-alpine permafrost catchment

Anthony Lapp, Ian Clark, Andrew Macumber & Tim Patterson
518 - 538
Controls over spatial and seasonal variations on isotopic composition of the precipitation along the central and eastern portion of Brazil

Didier Gastmans , Vinícius Santos, Juliana Aparecida Galhardi, João Felipe Gromboni, Ludmila Vianna Batista, Konrad Miotlinski, Hung Kiang Chang & José Silvio Govone
539 - 551
Tracing sources of nitrate using water chemistry, land use and nitrogen isotopes in the Ganjiang River, China

Peng Wang, Junzheng Liu, Shuhua Qi, Shiqin Wang & Xiaoling Chen
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 53 Issue 5 - August 2017 - Contents
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