327 - 328
IAEA International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology: Revisiting Foundations and Exploring Frontiers, 11–15 May 2015, Vienna, Austria

Pradeep K. Aggarwal, Luis J. Araguás & Leonard I. Wassenaar

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Preface - Editorial
Special Issue: Contributions to the IAEA International Symposium on Isotope Hydrology: Revisiting Foundations and Exploring Frontiers, 11–15 May 2015, Vienna, Austria
329 - 342
Verification of the isotopic composition of precipitation simulated by a regional isotope circulation model over Japan

Masahiro Tanoue, Kimpei Ichiyanagi & Kei Yoshimura
Research Articles
343 - 352
Precipitation isoscapes for New Zealand: enhanced temporal detail using precipitation-weighted daily climatology

W. Troy Baisden, Elizabeth D. Keller, Robert Van Hale, Russell D. Frew & Leonard I. Wassenaar
353 - 362
Spatial analysis of annual mean stable isotopes in precipitation across Japan based on an intensive observation period throughout 2013

Kimpei Ichiyanagi, Masahiro Tanoue & on behalf of the Isotope Mapping Working Group of the Japanese Society of Hydrological Science (IMWG/JAHS)
363 - 369
Tritium time series in precipitation of Rm. Valcea, Romania

Carmen Varlam, Octavian G. Duliu, Ionut Faurescu, Irina Vagner & Denisa Faurescu
370 - 379
Processes governing the stable isotope composition of water in the St. Lawrence river system, Canada

Eric Rosa, Claude Hillaire-Marcel, Jean-François Hélie & Alexandre Myre
380 - 392
Using stable isotopes to resolve transit times and travel routes of river water: a case study from southern Finland

Paula I. A. Niinikoski, Nina M. Hendriksson & Juha A. Karhu
393 - 404
Dating of young groundwater using four anthropogenic trace gases (SF6, SF5CF3, CFC-12 and Halon-1301): methodology and first results

Jakub Bartyzel & Kazimierz Rozanski
405 - 413
The uranium isotopes in the characterisation of groundwater in the Thermi-Vasilika region, northern Greece

Fotini Noli, Nerantzis Kazakis, George Vargemezis & Alexandra Ioannidou
414 - 426
Hydrothermal gases in a shallow aquifer at Mt. Amiata, Italy: insights from stable isotopes and geochemical modelling

Lisa Pierotti, Gianni Cortecci & Fabrizio Gherardi
427 - 442
IAEA Isotope-enabled coupled catchment–lake water balance model, IWBMIso: description and validation

Dagnachew Legesse Belachew, George Leavesley, Olaf David, Dave Patterson, Pradeep Aggarwal, Luis Araguas, Stefan Terzer & Jack Carlson
443 - 454
Spatial distribution and temporal variability of stable water isotopes in a large and shallow lake

Wei Xiao, Xuefa Wen, Wei Wang, Qitao Xiao, Jingzheng Xu, Chang Cao, Jiaping Xu, Cheng Hu, Jing Shen, Shoudong Liu & Xuhui Lee
455 - 467
Hydrological processes at Inle Lake (Southern Shan State, Myanmar) inferred from hydrochemical, mineralogical and isotopic data

Myat Mon Thin, Elisa Sacchi & Massimo Setti
468 - 476
Stable water isotopic composition of the Antarctic subglacial Lake Vostok: implications for understanding the lake's hydrology

Alexey A. Ekaykin, Vladimir Y. Lipenkov, Anna V. Kozachek & Diana O. Vladimirova
477 - 486
Urban water – a new frontier in isotope hydrology

James R. Ehleringer, Janet E. Barnette, Yusuf Jameel, Brett J. Tipple & Gabriel J. Bowen
487 - 497
Interpretation of anthropogenic impacts (agriculture and urbanization) on tropical deltaic river network through the spatio-temporal variation of stable (N, O) isotopes of NO-3

Thi Thao Ta, Si Hung Le, Hong Quan Trinh, Thi Nguyet Minh Luu & Anh Duc Trinh
498 - 512
Limits and possibilities in the geolocation of humans using multiple isotope ratios (H, O, N, C) of hair from east coast cities of the USA

Linda M. Reynard, Nicole Burt, Hannah E.C. Koon & Noreen Tuross

513 - 528
Assessing causes of quality deterioration of groundwater in Puttalam, Sri Lanka, using isotope and hydrochemical tools

E. A. N. V. Edirisinghe, G. R. R. Karunarathne, A. S. M. N. B. Samarakoon, H. M. T. G. A. Pitawala, H. A. Dharmagunawardhane & I. A. N. D. P. Tilakarathna
529 - 543
An evaluation of materials and methods for vapour measurement of the isotopic composition of pore water in deep, unsaturated zones

Dyan L. Pratt, Mengna Lu, S. Lee Barbour & M. Jim Hendry
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544 - 552
Investigations of the unsaturated zone at two radioactive waste disposal sites in Lithuania

Žana Skuratovič, Jonas Mažeika, Rimantas Petrošius & Tõnu Martma
553 - 559
Syringe life and memory effects in isotopic analyses performed by liquid water isotopic analysers – a case study for natural waters from central Europe

Ladislav Holko
560 - 566
A new tritiated water measurement method with plastic scintillator pellets

Etsuko Furuta, Noriko Iwasaki, Yuka Kato & Yusuke Tomozoe
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 52 Issue 4-5 - September 2016 - Contents
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