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553 - 562
The effect of resistant starches on fat oxidation in healthy adults as measured by a 13CO2-breath test

Klaus D. Wutzke & Kerstin V. Schmidek
rapid communication
563 - 579
Bladder wrack (Fucus vesiculosus) as a multi-isotope bio-monitor in an urbanized fjord of the western Baltic Sea

Vera Winde, Michael E. Böttcher, Maren Voss & Annika Mahler
580 - 596
Isotope (δ13C, δ15N, δ2H) diet–tissue discrimination in African grey parrot Psittacus erithacus: implications for forensic studies

Craig Symes, Felix Skhosana, Mike Butler, Brett Gardner & Stephan Woodborne
597 - 609
Carbon isotopic signature reveals the geographical trend in methane consumption and production pathways in alpine ecosystems over the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau

Tomomichi Kato, Keita Yamada, Yanhong Tang, Naohiro Yoshida & Eitaro Wada
610 - 619
Isotopic and multielemental fingerprinting of organically and conventionally grown potatoes

Dana Alina Magdas, Adriana Dehelean, Ioana Feher & Stelian Radu
620 - 627
Radioactive caesium (134Cs and 137Cs) in mushrooms of the genus Boletus from the Reggio Emilia in Italy and Pomerania in Poland

Luigi Cocchi, Karolina Kluza, Tamara Zalewska, Anna Apanel & Jerzy Falandysz
628 - 645
Spatial and temporal variation in the stable isotope composition (δ18O and δ2H) of rain across the tropical island of Sri Lanka

E.A.N.V. Edirisinghe, H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala, H.A. Dharmagunawardhane & R.L. Wijayawardane
646 - 659
Continuous measurements of stable isotopes of carbon dioxide and water vapour in an urban atmosphere: isotopic variations associated with meteorological conditions

Ryuichi Wada, Yutaka Matsumi, Tomoki Nakayama, Tetsuya Hiyama, Yasushi Fujiyoshi, Naoyuki Kurita, Kenichiro Muramoto, Satoru Takanashi, Naomi Kodama & Yoshiyuki Takahashi
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 53 Issue 6 - October 2017 - Contents
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