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1 - 15
Development of a field-deployable method for simultaneous, real-time measurements of the four most abundant N2O isotopocules

Erkan Ibraim, Eliza Harris, Simon Eyer, Béla Tuzson, Lukas Emmenegger, Johan Six & Joachim Mohn
rapid communication
16 - 27
Split-root labelling to investigate 15N rhizodeposition by Pinus sylvestris and Picea abies

Liz Veerman, Karsten Kalbitz, Jorien C. Schoorl & Albert Tietema
28 - 40
The effect of different fish feed compositions on δ13C and δ15N signatures of sea bass and its potential value for tracking mariculture-derived nutrients

Henrik Kusche, Nicola Hillgruber, Yvonne Rößner & Ulfert Focken
41 - 62
Short-term carbon dynamics in a temperate grassland and heathland ecosystem exposed to 104 days of drought followed by irrigation

Kavita Srivastava, Anke Jentsch, Juergen Kreyling, Bruno Glaser & Guido L. B. Wiesenberg
63 - 77
Effect of waterlogging on carbon isotope discrimination during photosynthesis in Larix gmelinii

Fang Li & Atsuko Sugimoto
78 - 88
Study of isotopes of carbon, thorium, and uranium in travertine and thermal spring samples: implications for effects of changes in geochemical environment and processes

Alexander I. Malov
89 - 105
Hydrogeochemistry and δ13CDIC and δ18OH2O composition of three Chinese Tibetan Plateau lakes

Xiaodan Wang, Shijie Li, Cong-Qiang Liu, Khan M. G. Mostofa, Zhiqi Zhao & Rongqin Luo
106 - 112
Isotopic composition of bottled water in Saudi Arabia

Watheq Al-Basheer, AbdulAziz Al-Jalal & Khaled Gasmi
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 54 Issue 1 - January 2018 - Contents
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