327 - 343
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Applications of deuterium oxide in human health

Wendell Costa Bila, Reysla Maria da Silveira Mariano, Valmin Ramos Silva, Maria Emília Soares Martins dos Santos, Joel Alves Lamounier, Eduardo Ferriolli & Alexsandro Sobreira Galdino
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344 - 355
Deuterium dilution technique for body composition assessment: resolving methodological issues in children with moderate acute malnutrition

Christian Fabiansen, Charles W. Yaméogo, Sarita Devi, Henrik Friis, Anura Kurpad & Jonathan C. Wells
356 - 367
Prediction of human dietary δ15N intake from standardised food records: validity and precision of single meal and 24-h diet data

Frank Hülsemann, Karsten Koehler, Jürgen Wittsiepe, Michael Wilhelm, Annett Hilbig, Mathilde Kersting, Hans Braun, Ulrich Flenker & Wilhelm Schänzer
368 - 381
Tightly bound soil water introduces isotopic memory effects on mobile and extractable soil water pools

Sarah L. Newberry, Ulrich E. Prechsl, Matthew Pace & Ansgar Kahmen
382 - 399
Hydrogeochemical and isotope study of perched aquifers in the Cuvelai-Etosha Basin, Namibia

Josefina T. Hamutoko, Heike Wanke, Paul Koeniger, Matthias Beyer & Marcel Gaj
400 - 412
Influence of southwest monsoons in the Kashmir Valley, western Himalayas

Ghulam Jeelani, Rajendrakumar D. Deshpande, Rouf A. Shah & Wasim Hassan
413 - 426
Stable isotope mass balances versus concentration differences of dissolved inorganic carbon - implications for tracing carbon turnover in reservoirs

Johannes A. C. Barth, Michael Mader, Franziska Nenning, Robert van Geldern & Kurt Friese
427 - 439
Natural radioactivity levels and associated health hazards from the terrestrial ecosystem in Rosetta branch of the River Nile, Egypt

W. M. Abdellah, H. M. Diab, S. U. El-Kameesy, E. Salama & S. El-Framawy
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 53 Issue 4 - May 2017 - Contents
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