337 - 351
Carbon stable isotope composition of modern and archaeological Cornelian cherry fruit stones: a pilot study

Dragana Filipović, Uroš Gašić, Nikola Stevanović, Dragana Dabić Zagorac, Milica Fotirić Akšić & Maja Natić
352 - 369
Influence of the balance of the intertropical front on seasonal variations of the isotopic composition in rainfall at Kisiba Masoko (Rungwe Volcanic Province, SW, Tanzania)

Fantine Nivet, Laurent Bergonzini, Pierre-Etienne Mathé, Aurélie Noret, Gaël Monvoisin, Amos Majule & David Williamson
370 - 391
Identifying local and regional groundwater in basins: chemical and stable isotopic attributes of multivariate classification of hydrochemical data, the Lower Virgin River Basin, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, U.S.A

Joseph Asante & David K. Kreamer
392 - 402
Cosmogenic beryllium-7 in soil, rainwater and selected plant species to evaluate the vegetal interception of atmospheric fine particulate matter

Ibrahim H. Saleh & Aly A. Abdel-Halim
403 - 417
Comparison of pore water samplers and cryogenic distillation under laboratory and field conditions for soil water stable isotope analysis

Michael Thoma, Jay Frentress, Massimo Tagliavini & Francesca Scandellari
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418 - 434
Simulation of dual carbon–bromine stable isotope fractionation during 1,2-dibromoethane degradation

Biao Jin, Ivonne Nijenhuis & Massimo Rolle
435 - 445
Non-invasive diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in Helicobacter pylori infected patients using isotope-specific infrared absorption measurements

Suman Som, Gourab Dutta Banik, Abhijit Maity, Chiranjit Ghosh, Sujit Chaudhuri & Manik Pradhan
446 - 448
The what, where, how and who? Crime time and mass discrimination

Michael E. Böttcher & Ulrich Flenker
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 54 Issue 4 - Juni 2018 - Contents
Book Review
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