Short Communication
185 - 202
Non-linear dynamics of stable carbon and hydrogen isotope signatures based on a biological kinetic model of aerobic enzymatic methane oxidation

Vasily A. Vavilin, Sergey V. Rytov, Natalia Shim & Carsten Vogt
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Original Articles
Special Issue: Dedicated to Professor Dr Jochen Hoefs on the occasion of his 75th birthday
203 - 213
Defining near-surface groundwater flow regimes in the semi-arid glaciated plains of North America

M. Jim Hendry, S. Lee Barbour & Erin E. Schmeling
214 - 218
Radiological mapping of Kelantan, Malaysia, using terrestrial radiation dose rate

Nuraddeen Nasiru Garba, Ahmad Termizi Ramli, Muneer Aziz Saleh, Syazwan Mohd Sanusi & Hamman Tukur Gabdo
219 - 230
Studies on stable isotopic composition of daily rainfall from Kozhikode, Kerala, India

C. Unnikrishnan Warrier, M. Praveen Babu, M. Sudheesh & Rajendrakumar D. Deshpande
231 - 238
Synthesis of deuterium-labelled halogen derivatives of L-tryptophan catalysed by tryptophanase

Elżbieta Winnicka, Jolanta Szymańska & Marianna Kańska
239 - 257
Environmental assessment of freshwater ecosystems of the Sava River watershed and Cerkniško Lake, Slovenia, using the bioindicator species Fontinalis antipyretica: insights from stable isotopes and selected elements

Špela Mechora & Tjaša Kanduč
258 - 269
Application of chlorine-36 technique in determining the age of modern groundwater in the Al-Zulfi province, Saudi Arabia

Mohsen B. Challan
270 - 280
Human lactation: oxidation and maternal transfer of dietary 13C-labelled α-linolenic acid into human milk

Hans Demmelmair, Angelika Kuhn, Katharina Dokoupil, Verena Hegele, Thorsten Sauerwald & Berthold Koletzko
281 - 297
Spatial and temporal characteristics of stable isotopes in the Tarim River Basin

Congjian Sun, Xingong Li, Yaning Chen, Weihong Li, Randy L. Stotler & Yongqing Zhang
298 - 308
Natural radioactivity measurements in Pahang State, Malaysia

Hamman Tukur Gabdo, Ahmad Termizi Ramli, Muneer Aziz Saleh, Nuraddeen Nasiru Garba & Mohamad Sanusi
309 - 325
Online induction heating for determination of isotope composition of woody stem water with laser spectrometry: a methods assessment

Brynne E. Lazarus, Matthew J. Germino & Jessica L. Vander Veen
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Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies Volume 52 Issue 3 - June 2016 - Contents
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